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Looking to appear in google search results and offer your customers a professional showcase?

# offers the ideal solution for companies and freelancers.

Your professional website

  • .com domain and hosting included

  • Custom one page design, accessible from a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Optimisation du positionnement dans les résultats de recherche Google (SEO)

Your professional email

  • Email attached to the domain name (
  • Accessible from a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • 1 GB of storage space

24h installation

Satisfied or refunded

🚀 💪

1 $ per day

Support 7/7
from 8h to 20h

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The creation of your website in 3 steps :

1) One of our webdesigners contacts you to discuss with you the content of your website and collect your images and texts. ☕ 👂

2) He then realizes your fully personalized website. Texts and images are specifically adapted to your activity. 🚀 💪

3) He contacts you for putting your website online. It also provides you with your identifiers allowing you to modify the content (images and texts) of your website and the temporary password of your professional email. ✅ 😎


All installation, hosting, backup and maintenance costs related to your website and your professional email are included in your subscription. 🛡 👍

Frequently Asked Questions

​Yes. Your website is optimized and accessible from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Yes. After going online, our webdesigner provides you with the identifiers allowing you to simply modify the texts and images of your website.

Yes. you can manage your professional email from your iphone’s messaging software or your android mobile.

Download Iphone & Mobile Android guide

In your professional email, click on “Settings” (top right)


In the menu on the left, click on “Password” and enter your new password, confirm it, and click on “Save“”



The payment of your subscription is annual, 1$ x 365 days = 365$ per year. We accept, for now, only the payment by credit card (secure payment). To make your payment, click on the “LET’S GO” button at the bottom of the page.

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